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Making food transportation...easy!

P o t B r a ®

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About Us

Experienced and Reliable

Keep your lid on tight!  Our patented product is designed to take the worry out of transporting your wonderful homemade dishes to any foodie meetup, potluck, covered Dish dinners, or anywhere.  PotBra®  stretches to fit almost any size pot or pan, hot or cold, to keep the lid in place.  

We Truly Care

PotBra® was invented to keep your lid from dislodging during transportation from a slow cooker, pot or pan.  No more spills in the car or on you! Besides your kitchen, PotBra® can be used for storage in RVs and boats to keep your pots/pans and their coordinating lids together.

PotBra® is made in Texas, USA. 

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our unique devise made of high strength silicone rubber is dishwasher safe, food safe, and will withstand up to 400 degrees F. It will stretch and retract to fit almost any size pot or pan, including a turkey roaster!

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